Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Mid-Ohio Valley (CCCS), its employees, directors, board members and volunteers promise to carry out their responsibilities as professionals, exercise sensitive, professional and moral judgments in all activities and decisions and avoid any action that puts personal interests ahead of the client’s benefit.

CCCS will serve the client’s interest, honor the client’s trust and demonstrate commitment to professionalism in all areas of counseling. These services include Credit Bureau Counseling – a tri-merge credit report is pulled and reviewed with the client; Credit Counseling – a certified credit counselor reviews credit history and offers specific advice on improving credit rating; Debt Management Programs – a monthly budget is reviewed and debts are entered into a systematic payment plan negotiated by CCCS to lower minimum payments and interest charges; Financial Counseling – a monthly budget is reviewed and advice is offered concerning every aspect of the client’s financial situation; Housing Counseling, including First Time Homebuyer Counseling, OHFA Homebuyer Counseling, Habitat for Humanity Homebuyer Counseling, Delinquent Mortgage and Rental Counseling, Homelessness Counseling, and HECM (Reverse Mortgage) Counseling; Bankruptcy Counseling and Education looks at alternatives and options for clients seeking Bankruptcy protection; Representative Payee and VA Payee programs for those receiving Social Security and /or VA Benefits.

CCCS will accept the obligation of understanding and obeying the laws that govern the tax-exempt status as a Non-Profit organization. CCCS will accept and represent the granted charitable organization status that requires openness, diversity, tolerance, fairness and honesty.

CCCS will perform all professional responsibilities with the highest sense of integrity to maintain and strengthen their client’s confidence. CCCS will maintain objectivity and be free of conflicts of interest in discharging professional financial advice.

CCCS will observe the profession’s technical and ethical standards and strive continually to improve the quality of service.

I have read the above and been made aware of CCCS’ “Conflict of Interest  Policy” that follows the Code of Ethics standards with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). I furthermore understand that I am under no obligation to purchase any products or services from CCCS or their e-partners as a condition of receiving the above mentioned counseling services.

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I have read and understand the disclosures made above.